Top Annual Dinner Ideas to Try This Year

Top Annual Dinner Ideas to Try This Year


It is that time of the year again! Every year you wait for that one night or that whole week when you take your employees out for dinner and get to know at least one new thing about them which you did not know before online events malaysia. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to build personal connections with your colleagues and maintain them. These connections go a long way and make them look forward to coming to work after the grand dinner. You may want to put more effort into deciding the venue and theme for this night from a range of annual dinner ideas. This is your one opportunity every year to show what a good host you are and your friendliness outside work. 

15 Company Annual Dinner Theme Ideas – Yes Travel & Holidays

What theme should you use in the annual dinner this year?


The theme is a very important part of an important event. The theme is the whole idea of what food and drinks will be there, how people will be dressed up, and what games or activities will be hosted. It sets the vibe of the night and tells people what to expect at the event. Explained below are theme ideas for your annual dinner:


  • Masquerade – A masquerade is a fun way to host a dinner party. This is formal and classy enough to make everyone want to come. You will have to book a ball or something like that to give a proper feel and acknowledgement to people’s ballroom gowns and black ties. People wearing fancy masks could not get better timing than now when everybody has already been wearing masks for months. 
  • Award Night – The best way you could use to appreciate your employees and have fun with them is an awards night. You could come up with an award for everyone. If there are more people, rewarding everyone might be difficult, but you could do every department. This could turn into a humorous night by the way you choose the titles of the awards to make it funny but not offensive.
  • Bollywood – Seriously, what would Indians love more than a Bollywood-themed night? Nothing. This could be the most exciting night with people dressing up as their favourite actor/actress, hogging on Indian food.
  • Hawaiian Fair – Let loose this night, wearing colourful garlands and drinking lots with a Hawaii-themed dinner night. Roam around as if you have not a worry in the world for this one night. This could also turn into a week-long vacation to Hawaii with everyone’s families to release some of the stress of working.

Easy Dinners That Are Impressive

By using any of these annual dinner ideas you may shell out a little more money than your regular dinner nights but sometimes it is needed to maintain connections and increase the efficiency of the employees. When people talk outside work and eat delicious food, they have something to look forward to when coming to work: friendships. Plus, it happens only once a year. You should let this one expense go, enjoy, and let your employees enjoy.